Trophy Trout Stalking in Colorado


Got a Hallpass for the weekend and guess where I'm headed? Back to the Gunny area for some fun and some double digit trout chasing. If you're not from Colorado you probably assume that we're in the late Spring/Early Summer period....wrong! Winter is still here and you better prepare for it anytime you plan on fishing this region.

The first thing to decide on when heading there is who's in, usually I can only get 1 or 2 trout bums to tag along, most can't deal with the distance, weather or frustration in landing these fish.

It was 3:30am bright/early and I was up out the door before I could think about it. When 8:30 rolled around guess who was in the parking lot rods rigged and fresh coffee in hand. 

                              Well worth sticking it out till the end

Rough weather weekend which was to be expected. Most of the masses stayed away due to the weather forecast, that and most of my friends. I did luck out with one great blue sky day but my last day, as harsh of weather and you could expect. It takes a lot for me to not want to fish but by 2pm I was wind burned and finished!

I was up at 5am and to the Parking lot by 6am with 2 hours to spare before anyone showed up. It took it's toll on me and by 1:30 I was headed out when I decided to hit my last hotspot. It paid off with this gorgeous Rainbow above, she took for a ride 50 yards downstream and one wild fight!

Fat Cutbows, what more could you ask for? Tough fishing despite a few nice pigs as well. 4x tippet not 5-6x was the way to go seeing how I get tired of all the breakoffs and even worse, all the breakoffs from others when I land the fish. Talk about a charm bracelet found on each one, learn to fight fish or use 3-4x so these trout don't have to carry around your three flies next time.

Some friends made it a few days prior and got blown out by wind, sorry I didn't get to fish with you this time. A few more friends are headed back a few days after me from Minnesota to Trophy Stalk! Good luck and I can't to get back again soon.
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