Rocky Mtn Float Trip

It's Time for another Float Trip!

September means one thing.....time for a Road trip, good friends, float trips and big fish!

Beast of a Brown takes a beast of a Streamer!!!

Perect day to be out floating and in search of risers.

Long Drive home!  

That's what I'm talking about....big Bows and fatty's! Few more weeks and Browns will
be the fish of choice on these waters.

Pretty scenary and very similar to Colorado in some areas

Where's my net man! Thank goodness we're not using a small
net like some my other fishing buddies use...that wouldn't work on
these fish.

Time for another shot!

 Lot's of fish caught today and though I feel bad I couln't row
since it was a long weekend of fishing, after my surgery I'll be doing
all the rowing next and happy to do it!








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