Luke Bryan Fly Fishing

Looks like another fellow Albanian made it big in fly fishing and better yet we both grew up on some amazing South Georgia waters! Between local Plantations Bass ponds, the Flint River, Kinchafoonee or Muckalee, never a shortage of Bass hotspots.

Seems like Luke and I grew up in the same town, went to the same College and Frat brothers though I was a few years older. Now if I can just get Luke to call me when he get's back out to Denver to take him out Fly Fishing.

I still remember fishing with his brother Chris growing up and as well as other close friends in Lee County. Boy how much I miss the good times!

Call Me Luke.....I can get you on some great Trout water next time you are out West!!!

Checkout his 32 Bridge video, great water and a some sweet clothing!

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