Dream Stream Late Summer /Fall Fishing 

  Fall 2008 Big Brown Dream Stream Catch      


Dream Stream fishing can be good, or in 90% of the cases this past year, very crowded and windy. Either way, there are always a fair amount of nice fish to go after if you know where to look, where to hide from the masses and the right flies to use. Do your homework and expect to do some work in order to catch some nice fish in this neck of the woods.

                        Not a big fan of the grass shot, this was caught by one the guys on a day out

Late Summer Fall fishing has been a fun one and despite low numbers of browns being spotted and warmer temos than normal. Each trip arriving even as early as 7am can still have atleast 5 cars in each parking lot so be prepared to fight the crowds, the wind and leave the small rods at home!



It's chowtime on the Dream! You've heard the myth...Big Fish Big Food or Flies, yes indeed. Try putting on the largest fly you have in your box and it may just get attacked by one of the monsters swimming around Spinney Mountain Ranch.


One of the many noce rainbows taken this past Summer from the Dream Stream. As Fall hits try and stay away from the rainbows if you can, many of the variant strains of tazmanian rainbows have been spawning some strange reason in the fall lately. Just be aware that rainbows may be spawning with the browns so no Redds Fishing Allowed!


Nathan and Charles out on another nice day out on the Dream Stream. I'm glad Charles started feeling better after a rough start from the night before. Great day out and perfect weather.


Fatty rainbow with the help of Boca my fishing dog. Great Summer and Fall fishing this past year and it always helps when you have a fishing dog to help point out nice trout hiding in the depths below.


        Lunchtime on the Dream, yeah those are some Biggy claws


Early morning rainbow slamming streamers, man do I love chunking streamers on this river!


First one on last one to leave! It can be a good thing but this one was not, despite a nasty storm that blew in and a 4 hour drive home in a whiteout, a 10-12lb brown trout worked me over just minutes before this came in. Man that was a tough loss but always worth the gamble with weather when fishing down in South Park!

                      Nathan chasing another nice fish hiding in a hole

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