Denver Freshwater Grand Slam Day 6 Species

Front Range Denver Warmwater Grand Slam Day!

All In A Days Work

Okay so I got a Denver area Warmwater Grand Slam depending on who you ask! All but a Walleye I suppose. A few weeks ago I set out one Tuesday morning to catch a few Pike before work. After having success with a few fish, the ball kept rolling and I was a little late to say the least!

Started the morning off fishing with Jake and Nick, they both got into some nice Pike but both had to leave for work so I stayed a bit longer.

With a few decent Pike I moved over to another local pond close by to see what else I could catch on a fly. 1st a Crappie, than a bluegill and finally a Bass! After this I thought how interesting it might be if I caught a few more seeing how catching Pike doesn't happen everyday and to catch a few species, -including a Carp, could become a true challenge.

Mammoth Largemouth Bass

After heading into work for a few hours I had to get back out to my honey hole to see if I could keep this challenge alive. Luckily after 30 minutes I found a few feeders, had a Golden Bone landed and with a little time to spare between clients, I was off to Golden to finish up with a Trout on Clear Creek!

I drove up the canyon to another little hotspot I take people to and within 15 minutes I finished my day with a Front Range area Grand 1st! Better yet I spent I think maybe 4 hours total, who knows what would have happened and what I could have kept catching if I would have had a full day!

Both Walleye & Catfish escaped me, than again I wasn't really planning on trying to catch them on a fly nor do I want to normally. Due to the fact that most people don't target these and one rarely has a chance to catch on a fly I'll let these pass for now.

Species Caught today:
Largemouth Bass (might have gone for smally's but was early in the season)
Common Carp
Brown Trout

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