Costa Rica Vacation...Pura Vida!! 

Donde Esta La Playa?

Thought you might enjoy a few more pictures from our recent trip to Costa Rica's Pacific Coast. We targeted Jaco and the Quepos-Manuel Antonio area for this week-long vacation.

What makes Costa Rica so unique you ask? In 2009, Costa Rica was named one of the happiest places on earth to live, maybe that is because of the weather, people or it's beauty. Either way there has definitely been a rush by many Americans to not only buy 2nd homes down there but to also move there.

Our daily routine included a few of the local's favorite Imperial. "Podemos tener otro cerveza?" I'm not sure what we enjoyed more the beer or the fresh seafood. Either way there was no shortage of either and with all the local Bars/Restaurants in the area, our choices were endless on where to go for fun each night.

couples shot88cruising costa rica quepos

Since Manuel Antonio and Jaco were on the water, it was hard not to take advantage any chance we got for a dip and swim. Weather wise we also lucked out, with this being there Summer the temp's rarely got to hot/humid in the Manuel Antonio area.

Sunsets don't get much better than this, sit back relax and enjoy!

Hotel Mimos catered us with 2 different swimming pools, at night this place was perfect for jumping in and enjoying more Imperial's till the wee hours of the morning.

El Avion had to be one of the craziest bars I have ever been to! Nothing jumping aboard a plane on a cliff to watch a sunset, take a tour or enjoy some great food! The owners actually own 4 various restaurants in the area so we definitely had fun going from place to place.

Plenty of Lizards running around freely, careful not to get too close. I learned the hard way at our pool one day snapping a photo when he suddenly charged me and Troutdawg almost made an impression falling down some poolside stairs...ouch!

Jaco, Costa Rica was an interesting place. Very Hot/Humid and for some strange reason empty beaches?? Must have been the hot sand, big waves and no shade. Otherwise a few decent restaurant and a few local activities, probably not returning but worth checking out.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Costa Rica Vacation..Can't Wait To Get Back For More

Pura Vida Baby

Just returned from another great trip to Costa Rica again! What made this trip more special is that I got to introduce someone else to my favorite fishing country -my girlfriend.

Each time to get back to Costa Rica I gain a new perspective about the people of Central America, the incredible seafood dishes, cold Imperial Cerveza's, easy flights to San Jose (5 hours direct) and most importantly, how easy it is to relax down there.

Yes we were able to find plenty to do each day and the sunsets in this part of the globe are nothing short of spectacular to say the least! Each evening was a treat to watch these and even better to enjoy them with some Cold beers or a fresh Mojito.

While the weather was predicted to be rainy each day, the only thing that dampened our spirits was that I wasn't able to spend more time ut on the water fishing. Yes this was a sweet vacation, a fishing vacation..perhaps not this time, but I still managed to enjoy a day out on the water. The only true mistake I made was our guide. Pez Rey is not somebody I would use again, huge issues with the outfitter than nothing like sitting there for hours bored while our guide tries to figure out what to do, keep me sitting there while other boats are hooking up?? Pepsi our guide was a decent guy he just was a bit clueless this day. One Jack and two breakoffs on Mackeral (use bigger mono guide) were the only thing that came my way. NO Roosterfish made it to my rod so it looks like I lucked out on another Costa Rica trip without any good stories.

Monkeying around at our Hotel Bar each afternoon after a trip to the Playa (beach for those who do not understand Spanglish) made a dip in the pool, more cold beers and Monkeys playing! Yes this is Costa Rica, you never know what to expect.

Gorgeous Pacific waters made for a nice sightseeing trip since the fishing stunk. Clear water,high tides and crazy riptides made for an interesting boat ride that day. There is always plenty to do while in Costa Rica while on vacation, from Sea Kayaking, Canopy zip line tours, Happy Hours, Surfing and visiting local national parks.

*Look for more great reports and pictures this week from our trip...I have a feeling you will enjoy them!

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