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Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Rocky Mountain Stillwater Fishing Trip

Lake Fishing at It's Finest

I got the call, it was Brian, a former Colorado fishing pal that was eager to head back out this way to hit some lakes. Most fisherman know that this time of year is either one to sit at home, one that enables you to fish muddy mountain rivers or one that leads you to some incredible Stillwater trout fishing.

Pretty much for the last 10 years I've made the trek this time of year a few times to a favorite Lake District that can either bring a smile to your face or send you packing day one due to some nasty weather. Regardless of what the weather or fishing does, I'm there for three days enjoing every minute of it.


I had missed a trip the weekend prior with more fishing friends Vincent Su Mr. Flywheel 720 Vise, Casey and the midge man himself Rick Takahashi. Bummed out missed out but soon forgotten once Brian and Mike made it to town and we were fishing in no time.

One good thing about fishing with Brian is that this guy knows stillwater fishing tactics better than anyone I know s when I'm not catching fish -usually happens often, he's hooked up and I'm yelling as to what fly to use.

We managed to fish one of the lakes day one and did fairly well despite the wind. After some multiple hook ups it was time for a little dinner and time to head out for the night shift. Most who know me know that I'm totally a night owl when it comes to night fishing! I love it and can fish all night if needed.

The following day started with some fresh brewed coffee, muffins and eggs. Yes I know how to start the day off right! We didn't waste anytime again and were on fish by 9am, the wind picked up and it seemed we caught more fish when the weather changed. We fished till about 2 till we got too blown off to fish much more. After a break, nice nap and a few beers with steaks/brats, it was time for Lake #2.

This Lake was another favorite that can almost humble you each minute you fish there. Before we knew it the bite was on and very nice size browns were eager to slam some olive/black bh buggers near the shallows. We stayed till about 11:30pm (yes a good 12 hour day on the water) before calling it quits and heading back to the campfire.


Day 3 began just as day 2 did, got on the water and the hook ups began before we knew it! With about a 10+ fish day again it was one great weekend we enjoyed. The sad part was that I had to leave ealy afternoon to get back to the Front Range, the other fellas got to stay through late Monday and slam a few more nice browns.

Flies that worked included a variation of Tak's Chironomid's, Yamauchi Chironomid's, Rickards seal bugger, Calibaetis patterns and a few damsel's thrown in as well.

When lake fishing remember that Lake fishing is not for everyone, expect wind, numerous crowds at times, mosquitos, crazy hatches that may not want to show their faces and a desire to learn...that's Lake fishing and why I'm still figuring this Lake game out after 10+ years!


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