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                                                    *Members Big Carp Gallery Below*

                 davewhitlock2               goldens7
              Dave Whitlock  The Legend Himself!      Carp Writer for BloodKnot Mag

Shallow water Carpin is the best tactic           Huge Carp on the Platte

    Big Grass Carp On                                         Early Season Carp in March

             True Golden!                                                  I love my big Carp on a Fly!


       You need big equipment for these guys!                     Troutdawg Secret Carp Hotspot


           Great day out 5 fish in 2 hours!                                            Beeeeeaaaaast!!

Not Quite a Tarpon but he was a Goodin that got off!  



                           Great Day Out Again!                   Grass Carp in Boulder


                                                       Big Carp Need Big Nets                           
                                                         (2 common carp in the net)


                                                            BIG CARP ON A FLY IS NEVER  EASY....
                                                                PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE!!

      So you think you like to Carp fish! Well I'm out atleast 25 days a year for these Goldens and every trip out doesn't net a fish, but it does give me more knowledge on how to catch these Extremely elusive fish. One thing is for certain, outside of Tiger muskie and Wipers, these fish will give you a headache as well as the fight of your Life!


                        Member Gallery Spotlight

     Jason with a Piiiaaaag!             Andrew and Dave Tagged Another!

                       Tim on his 1st day out Carpin with            
             Troutdawg, he knows the guide knows best!






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