Big Spring Trout Season is On!


Spring Fishing Means Midges, Few Crowds and Big Fishees in some hidden areas of Wyoming. We spent a few days covering a few regions and can't wait to get back again soon.


Fat rainbows all day long and midges in the mornings make the cold weather bearable as well as big smiles!


You want big Bows, we got em, you want action, we had em, you want a great weekend....we had that and than some. Great time having my boy Colin come in from Alaska to taste the Colorado experience and Dr. Rawlins from Georgia.      


Dr. Rawlins finally go to get into a Fat bow in one of my hotspots. We had been trying for a few days and this fish came through for us. It measure 23 X 15 and was pushing 7lbs.....what a PIIIIIIG!


Sunny weather, no crowds and the perfect afternoons spent on some qaulity water made this a Spring weekend to remember. Tons of snow fell days prior but we were fortunate enough to not have to deal with any flakes for 3 days.


Who needs the Taylor River when we can catch gorgeous fish like this in the middle of nowhere on Wyoming! Beautiful fat rainbows in some Honey holes brought out some smiles on my out of town guests.

A nice way to end the day with a few herds on Mule deer passing us on the trail back to the car.



Gill lice is never a good thing and not sure what was going on with a few of these guys. Nice day to break in my new GLX Loomis 6wt and Tibor Backcountry reel.


Icebergs late afternoons can really add some some cool looking colors. Big juggerknot rainbows are awe inspiring to get back out again next weekend to catch some more. Man what a day that was to remember

                                                                               Fish on Baby!


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